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Favorite Spring Finds from the Loft Sale!

Happy Easter and Passover y’all! If you celebrate, I hope you were able to spend some time with family or friends, and eat some good Easter Candy (Hello Lindt Chocolate Bunny!)

So, as you may or may not know, Loft is one of my favorite stores. I would say a solid 80% of my work wardrobe is from there because the pieces are affordable, lots of them can mix and match, and did I mention they’re super cute?

This week, they are having an amazing sale! 40% off in store, but 50% OFF ONLINE with the sale code SPRING.

Here are some of my favorite picks for jumpstarting your spring or vacation wardrobe!

Loft Sale.jpg

Black Work Dress    Black Bathing Suit    Purple Ruffle Skirt    Go To Wedges

Polka Dot Romper   Skirt With Buttons    Ruffle Bathing Suit    PJ Set

Blue Cami                 Green Dress               Pink Peplum                Perfect Crop Work Pants

Let me know what you think!

xo Steph

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