Getting on the Fitness Train – BBG

So, back in January I told you guys how I wasn’t making New Years Resolutions… And while that’s still 100% true, as I approach my (eek) 29th birthday on Thursday (double eek) I started thinking about my health and my future and my brothers wedding in September and decided to get my jiggly butt into gear.

I started the BBG a few months back, but with work and school didn’t keep up with it. So we’re back for round 2. I’m in the second week and now I remember why I liked it. I chose regular BBG because I can do it at home if I can’t get to the gym. It’s in the Sweat app, which can be found in your phone’s App Store (Apple HERE).

Workout highlights:

  • There are short clips of each exercise for you to follow
  • Its circuit-based so the more you do it, you can see your progress each week.
  • There are modifications if you’re not quite at the strength level to complete the move.
  • You get trophies with confetti when you finish a workout (hey, whatever works right?)
  • They factor in a recovery requirement. I feel like this is something I always forget.

I’ll be updating you all on my progress but for comparisons sake, here’s my before picture. Hoping to be lean and more confident by bathing suit season!

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