The No Resolution New Years!

It’s the time of year. Everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions with the complete understanding that they most likely won’t accomplish them. In my experience, this is mostly due to these resolutions being either a) completely unrealistic (I’m going to find a job that doubles my salary), or b) difficult to actually execute (I’m going to be more open). With the best intentions, we have these lofty resolutions, and by mid-February, they’re not happening and we go back to where we were on December 31st.

So what do we do? How do we combat this cycle? This year, I’ve decided to do away with these resolutions. Instead, I challenge you all to set a monthly goal instead. Something realistic with steps you can take to achieve it. That way, not only are you following through, but you also get that feeling of accomplishment knowing that you achieved your goal.

My January Goal is to maintain consistency on the blog. I spent some time this vacation (I have been off for 10 days!) really planning out what I want and how I want to get there. This includes more posts, more insights and more interaction! Here are some ways to help you achieve your January goal.

Best ways to achieve a goal:

  1. Be realistic – If your goal is something out of your control, you are less likely to be invested in getting it done. Start with something realistic and achievable.
  2. Choose something you’re passionate about – If you’re passionate about your goal, you’re much more likely to work towards achieving it. Pick something that you’re interested in.
  3. Keep track of your progress – Once you’ve decided what your goal is, give yourself tangible steps to get there. Write them down and cross them off as you achieve them. This will not only keep you accountable, but give you a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Be honest with yourself – If you’re not going to achieve your goal that month, that’s ok. Maybe work/school/life has gotten in the way. Maybe things out of your control have interfered with your planning. Whatever the reasoning is, staying honest with yourself will allow you to continue to move forward.
  5. Reward yourself for a job well done – When you achieve your goal, reward yourself. This will keep you motivated to achieve your next goal and the one after that.

Best of Luck! If you need any advice or help picking a goal, let me know!

xo Steph


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