Monday Motivation 10.30.17

And so begins another week! Hopefully yours started a bit drier than mine! Today’s blog post is all about staying motivated. I am the queen of messes, I can’t seem to keep anything organized because I’m so busy! But, because of vacation next week I decided to clean and reorganize my room so I can come home to calm, not chaos. It’s amazing how much better you feel when your space is organized and everything is put in a place. It’s still a work in progress (that’s why today’s #ootd will be coming later, care is my office bathroom not my full length mirror in my room).  But cleaning also gave me a space to turn into my new desk. I got this makeup table when I was teenager and it just doesn’t get much use anymore. I love being able to give things new life, whether t be changing a makeup table to a desk, or donating old clothes so someone else can love them like I did. And cleaning leads to both happening!

I challenge you to find something in your life to commit to. I’m committing to trying to keep my room clean and organized, no matter how tired I am or how much I don’t want to fold that laundry! Reward yourself for keeping your commitment, either by treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting or buying a good bottle of wine!

Let me know what you’re committing to!

Xo Steph 

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